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Thank you for visiting.  Use the form below to schedule a shoot, inquire about photo prints, or have comments and suggestions.  Provide as much info about the type of photography project you have as possible.  Please do not contact me asking me to call or email you, without providing details on the kind of photography you want done.  I will not call or email you asking what kind of photography you want.  And, please do not contact me offering any kind of services.  Either of the former types of email will only get deleted without being read.  Thank you. 

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Photo Rights Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all photography sessions.  All photos remain copyrighted and property of Rob Nelms,, unless otherwise noted. Photos may be used for promotional usage, including being published on the web, unless otherwise noted. Photography is a creative art and clients understand that the photographer and client may not see the same image.  Client understands and respects the photographer's decision on photographing material and understands that it is up to the client to specify any particular photos they want taken.  Prices quoted are an estimate and are subject to change upon notification. 

Nothing is set in stone.  All terms and conditions can be discussed and/or modified with any client.  

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